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Welcome to Noclipped! 

Chapter 1: The Main Nine


We are finally moving to Steam! The game releases this September, and will be available to download for 3$! Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2093380/Noclipped/

Noclipped is a horror survival adventure game, set in the Backrooms. This chapter has 9 infinite levels. 


Explore liminal spaces, improve your gear, fight dangerous monsters, collect recourses, explore the interesting backstory of the main character and much more.


I spent almost all of my free time making this game, and I hope you like it. Optionally you can support the game by donating, or becoming a patron. If we reach 100$ in donations, then I can publish the game on Steam (because publishing a game on Steam costs 100$). But don't feel guilty because you can't/don't want to donate. I understand. I am already happy that you noticed the game! I spent a lot of my free time developing the game. I also don’t make the game for money. I want to create a realistic Backrooms experience for the fans of the Backrooms. Maybe even revive the Backrooms. 

If you're new to the Backrooms or you don't know what they are the game provides all the necessary information you need using notes and NPCs.

Already completed the game or just bored? The game has tons of achievements and side-quests that you can complete and flex on your friends! 

If you feel confused or just want to discuss the game you can join the discord server - we welcome newbies and we can explain anything that you encounter in the Backrooms: https://discord.gg/jtVf2g8zUF


  • Story mode 
  • 10 chapters (full game only)
  • Crafting 
  • Infinite procedural generation 
  • Sanity 
  • Dangerous entities 
  • Liminal spaces 
  • Cool icons for every level 
  • Easter eggs 
  • Backrooms celebrities as in-game characters (in next chapters)
  • Much more 


[<Side notes>]

If you are a YouTuber, then this game is great for a Let's play series, because even with 9 levels the game is decently long. 


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The game is cool!

and the development of the game is also not abandoned?

its not abandoned, developer posts updates on discord server.

which levels are already ready?

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Its good but yeah, it is broken as of right now. Hope it will be fixed soon because I finally got to the good part! For now use one of the older versions I guess.

glitch - i saved the game and got off earlier during a blackout in level 1, only to come back to see it looks like im under the map, cant move my screen at all, all my bars are empty, nothing in my inventory, says low thirst on my screen, and im just incapable of doing anything, need a fix asap

This game now has a subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/noclippedgame/

some suggestions

A guide in the options menu (its own tab) where it shows you the controls and keybinds

Discord link in the itch.io

how do l report a bug?

Created an account just to say this is the best backrooms game I have seen yet! I can't believe you've actually implemented nine levels so quickly.

I did find a bug, which is that the screen resolution picker only goes up to 1080p, and my monitor is 1440p. It wasn't that much of a big deal, as I just switched it to Windowed mode and maximized it. I'm running Windows 10 with NVIDIA Driver Version 512.59, if that helps.

Aside from that though, great work. The crafting system is really cool, and it seems very well made so far.

This is totally what i imagine when i think about an backroom's game, thank yo

i dont know if im just having bad luck or not but maybe up the spawn for the black walls at level 0 bcs i have done 5000 meters without finding one

Финал первой Девятки

Прохождение до уровня Офисы

Встреча с первыми врагами

Бесконечные коридоры

how much entities does the game have? ( since i only saw dullers and smilers)

Love the game. :) Are ideas and suggestions for the game allowed? If so, where can I post them?

In the discord serve

I've looked all over the discord server. There's a section for polls, announcements, etc. Which section on discord can I post ideas and suggestions on? I don't want to get in trouble for posting in the wrong section. xD

This is the most well thought beckrooms game, its like the backrooms survival, but more refined, When will the 1.2 update come out?

What is the song/beat used in the background of the levels

I created it myself

Have you posted them anywhere? The music is very chills to relax too ^^

You can fins them in my discord server ;



I would like to see more

You and I have the same idea, to implement several levels, but your implementation turned out much cooler than me


are you gonna add level FUN =)


I am very exited for chapter 2!


I've always wanted to see a backrooms game have more levels than 0! This is great I am definitely donating!

I really like the new update. I was able to beat Chapter 1 in 4 hours.


I just wanna say that I always wanted a backrooms game like this, I love the use of notes to give hints and the crafting element, I can't wait to see what's next and hopefully a steam release someday

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i tried your game and there is a bug with items and hunger thirst etc. doesnt reset when opening a new game and in settings i cant get the render distance to 0 after switching it also suggestion if u add like a smart watch to the charachter so we know how much we traveled and thirst drains very fast but i liked your game looks very good :D  edit: also screen shaking is too much in my opinion u can add an option the disable it maybe


Most of this com8ng in the new update ;)

Looks super promising! Definitely checking it out, and I'm also gonna give you a follow for future chapters.

would be my wish if backrooms-wiki would replicate it

Where save files located at? I want to make a fresh start but even I reinstall the game it starts the point I left the game (even I open a new save, game continues at the save point I quit the game).

(1 edit)

The "Saved" folder is located at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Noclipped.

Никто не против, если я просто это здесь оставлю ;)

Please add a sandbox mode with:

- A menu to teleport to any level

- No entities or jumpscares

- Fanmmade level generator

- No sanity, health, or hunger bar

The purpose of sandbox mode is to provide something to those who do not like the challenges this game provides but instead prefer it if there was a version that they would be comfortable with. I am one of those people so please add sandbox mode. The normal mode(s) should still exist along with the sandbox mode so that that the game can appeal to those who like challenges and those who do not like challenges.

why did people decide to ignore this? :(

There's a discord server for suggestions

I can't access it.

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Hello, I'm youtuber (from Russia) and i start walktrough on your game (Channel Aringame). I just say THANK YOU. I very like Backrooms. Your game awesome. Sorry, for my bad english and GOOD LUСK on future.

It's fine. I'm from Russia too. There are some problems with the hunger, but an update is coming soon. For more info you can join the discord server https://discord.gg/jtVf2g8zUF ;)


I think it is pretty cool tough, how do i escape level 1 and does the ligth go on again in a blackout?


Hello, I checked out the game and it looks really good! I wanna ask you if it's OK that both of our Backrooms Games coexist without any drama.